Maria Larsson (ML) commenced her professional architecture experience by working for over 2.5 years, from schematic design to interiors and follow up at site, on a new freestanding city building for a private engineering corporation in Stockholm, Sweden.  With several innovative new schemes for high-end brands ML continued  office building development. In the international competition for Uppsala's new, mixed use, Concert and Congress building ML achieved a 4th place honor. 

     In the residential sector ML was invited to participate in the competition for a new Embassy in Chile as one of Sweden’s 15 up and coming architects.  Among one of the completed projects is a new private house in Southern Portugal.   Recently ML designed a new residential home for a family in Dubai.

     news: In collaboration with Nina Kummelsted ML designed a new private tower extension south of Stockholm. Also ML|ui is currently in the process of developing a new sustainable and affordable prefab housing system


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