F&B adagency new Headquarter – Gothenburg
Concept and schematic design
ML project architect at Zeilon & Partners

What could the identity of a new building for one of the leading ad agencies be?…on a hot infill site in central Gothenburg opposite of Gunnar Asplunds extension, behind an old bank facade…

– a town house for a ‘commercial family’…but why a town house? ‘Forsman & Bodenfors is like a family…

'for us the people and interaction between people are the most important, that’s the culture.’ They wanted to assemble all their different outspread companies and departments into one new space, without loosing the existing good culture ! Everybody should meet and be close despite having to be on different levels. Like a home starting from ground with an inviting garden, continuing as a spiral all way up to the top and at ground you can enter from the bakery in the passage, or just pass by, the courtyard and garden which acts as the visual façade and template, but also as the actual boule plane, above the reception.

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