brand identities

     ML|ui creates brand identity as an integrated part of built projects and believes that the senses are the quickest route to our emotions, materials color and spatial relationships are the most immediate matters that can deliver a direct feeling tone, a story and memory of a brand. Maria Larsson (ML) was first intrigued by the importance of brand identity in ‘built form’ in her thesis, which discussed the conventional use of logo and repetitive stereotypes. It argued that the identity of place in conjunction with a buildings character could carry the role of a signature, that the space, as an icon, is as valuable as the logo. Later on, spatial experience, as a powerful media to create brand identity, was further explored while working with several ad-agency clients, and especially in the work for Volvo Car Corporations global trade shows.

     news: ML|ui is currently developing identity work for Kat Media, graphical illustrations for Anne Senstad’s Agricultural Land Art project in New Orleans.


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