brand strategy

     ML|ui assists brands, corporations and other entities with strategic identity development, encompassing trend guidance, idea based concepts, organizations, design solutions as comprehensive tool packages. The work with Volvo Cars Corporation, where ML participated with for 4 years, is one example of ML’s brand strategy development. As the projects, for the same client, grew from one platform, the trade shows, into others, retail and office spaces, the need for creating a coherent language for the same brand became crucial. ML therefore started to create brand management manuals, with stratifications and guidelines, to create and maintain consistency in the design for these platforms.

Volvo Next Face Brand Stratification

Volvo Next Face Brand Stratification – Global Motorshows
Volvo Next Face Brand Stratification – Global Retail och Merchandise
Volvo Next Face Brand Stratification – Global Communication

Volvo Next Face Retail Pilot Store, Budapest Hungary

PAG Headquarter, Volvo Cars North America, VCNA Irvine, CA, USA

VEC, Volvo Experience Center, Gothenburg


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