Maria Larsson (ML) started to develop interiors as an integrated extension of the architecture in her first project for a new office building. Since then interiors, have played an important role in ML's view of spatial experience.  ML appreciates interiors as an important and strong media to communicate and provide meanings.

     ML created workspaces for ad-agencies, such as Ogilvy Stockholm, and Forsman and Bodenfors, which encouraged a rethinking of workspace design.

This experience provided a basis for the design of Volvo Cars North America's New Headquarters, where they wanted their Scandinavian heritage to be integrated in the design as a social aspect. Through Volvo Cars, and their global tradeshows, often seen as the 'the haute couture' of brand experience and design, ML got the opportunity to explore new materials, precision and detailing in a very compelling way, as well as to learning how to produce efficient design systems for shipping, cost and site assembly.

     In New York ML has continued this path with Yelo, and the development of their unique and advanced sleeping cabs, which utilizes a lightweight, soundproof prefab unit, where all senses are integrated, in both the soft and technical meaning.  

     news: ML|ui is currently working on a new spa in nyc.and a residential gut renovation of a house in Stockholm.


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