Ogilvy, New Headquarters, Stockholm

Interior concept – all phases, including product design of furniture and metal ceiling w integrated lighting and ‘power blocks’
ML project architect with design responsibility for Zeilon & Partners, Sthlm

A global brand with a strong identity & history, since the days with David in the 50´s…of course needs a ‘strong’ space
Brief: ’…we should be the coolest in town…’ Lars Blomberg, CEO…but of course the ‘space efficient expert’ from London keeps your eyes at you…It needs to be minimal space for each person and top level flexibility… So what to do…???
…a sleek effective cigar box to fill all the rooms & support in
…a light spacious landscape with translucency to compensate for the density
…storage & pin-up walls along the façade between the windows

Creating a holistic environment, where all parts are integrated and following the same line – comprehensive view.

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