Hagalyckan – Field interventions, Swedish West Coast

Ongoing landart workshops

ML part of design team in collaboration with family and friends


Next to the farm there is a forest and creek, where a series of interventions will take place. The idea is to tansform the rural land into a sublime shift of the manmade, where it is isn't clear what is natural and what is prepared, inspired by the work 'figure in landscape' by Denise Grunstein.


#1 'the room' – 090610 –  the first step of the transformation, play the movie

– in the winter a room, as an opening in the forest, was created as a result of 'cleaning' the forest from the few pine trees. One day in June the room was further cleaned from all the remains wich was burned for several hours in the center of the rooms.

#2 'the dresses' – in progress to be executed in the fall '09 

– temporary installations to explore the room's shifting appearances through various 'architectonic dresses'

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