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     MARIA LARSSON | urban identities TM (ML|ui) is a New York based architecture and design practice that strive to execute unique experiences in a broad creative field, spanning over a wide range of scales and types, from Urban Design, Planning, Architecture, Interior design, Furniture to Brand Identities.

     ML|ui' offer clients with a unique strategic mix of services, addressing all phases and aspects of project development, from early design sketches to built form. These services include; Project management, programming, strategy, concept development, schematic design, design development, specifications, construction documents and construction management.

     ML|ui consist of two companies, Urban Identities AB, which Maria Larsson, founder, architect and designer, first established in Stockholm, Sweden '03 and then, the second, Maria Larsson, Inc. established in New York, in early '08. 

     Besides project based developments Maria Larsson also participate in the academic field by reviews, juries, seminars and workshops on ML|ui's own work, philosophy and themes of interest.

     ML|ui also practices in Sweden, France, England, Dubai and Norway, thanks to a close collaborative network.




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