MARIA LARSSON| urban identities TM always strive to tailor the process for each unique project to best suite the needs of the clients. Within a place, space, home or brand, there will always be an identity to be found, strengthened or renewed. This discovery and development is the joy and force of the work ML|ui’s work, to reveal and create meaningful experiences.

     Our cities, environment and society is constantly changing, and to meet, the client’s satisfaction, and find the most optimal solutions, which is the ultimate goal throughout the process, the architectural role and the deliverables, needs to be expanded and interpreted in the most fertile, innovative and apposite way, to support the specifics of each project.

     The objective is to provide clients with design as an integral part of a holistic approach, where the ‘core’ of the project, is discovered, tested, questioned and constantly twisted within a dynamic, progressive, healthy and thoughtful process. The strive is to find a ‘pink thread’, starting with an analysis that is stratified, transformed, intensified and consolidated into a core Idea – the concept. This is what creates the first comprehensive, yet distinct, common ‘game-plan’ for further directions.

     The conceptual idea must be simple, yet dynamic and inclusive, and have a high creative strength. This is what makes the idea able to expand, develop and communicate in a clear way. The ideas ML|ui generate and the knowledge that is gained from one discipline will support, link and benefit the next. In that way the perception of architecture, the product or the brand allows to operate in as many senses as possible. Thereafter, dependent on the scope of a project, there are certain phases each project goes through, the diagram shows a typical architectural process.

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