MARIA LARSSON | urban identitiesTM embraces the design philosophy that architecture has to contribute to the society in such a way that built form is in balance with nature and its environment. ML|ui strive to apply the ESD (Environmentally Sustainable Design) principles to any type of design. The aim of ESD is to create social, economical and environmental balance and efficiency. It takes into account building physics, the comfort and well being of building occupants and the correct use of a building post completion.

     ML|ui believes that a natural approach to the context and its environment is one of the most important considerations in the process, i.e. by the utilization of  local conditions and inherent factors such as views, daylight and other site specific conditions in an efficient way. In thinking holistically, ML incorporates all parts into a harmonious whole, which creates strong sustainable identities for the clients as well as the users and the environment.

     ML|ui continually searches for environmentally friendly materials as well as new ways of using natural materials and modern technologies in construction and fabrication as tools for the advancements of green design.

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