urban design


     Maria Larsson (ML) gained a specific interest for urban design during her studies of theory and practice with professor K-O Ellefsen, currently dean of AHO, whose method, commenced with mapping certain layers of the urban fabric, leading to a strategy for specific design interventions with a strong contextual and sustainable connection. ML’s thesis combined the two topics urban design strategy and branding strategy based on the identity of place for a motorway stop in West Coast Sweden. ML's studios teachings focused on urban strategies that encouraged the students to question which rules and restrictions would be relevant and feasible whilst yielding to other sources and powers.

     In practice,  ML has studied urban development for Kiev’s growth, and for various Housing developments in Stockholm.

     news: ML|ui is currently collaborating with Anne Senstad, Norwegian artist, on a city project for New Orleans. It is to be agricultural, time specific installations that will discuss the use of land, housing costs and public space to re-enegize power, activity and pride to the still lost and destroyed land after the hurricane Katrina.

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